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Job Opportunity: Sheldon Fence Crew

Springs in the Black Rock Desert need you

Friends of Nevada Wilderness helps promote wilderness stewardship nationwide

Camp Host Wanted

Welcome aboard Katie LaCroix and Jose Witt

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March 18, 2011

Job Opportunity: Sheldon Fence Crew

12-week field season is May 31 to August 31, 2011

Photo: Upper Virgin Creek on the Sheldon (c) Kurt Kuznicki
Upper Virgin Creek on the Sheldon (c) Kurt Kuznicki

Friends of Nevada Wilderness is looking for folk to remove old, dangerous barbed-wire fence and to construct spring exclosures on the Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge. Help the antelope, sage grouse and other native critters by removing fence that can injure or kill these animals and by protecting the springs that they depend on for water.

You will need to be in excellent physical condition because the job entails a lot of hiking while carrying tools and fence materials in the wild.

The rewards: salary, room, board, some of the best scenery in Nevada, and working with folk who care about the wild. Your "office" will be the truly wide-open spaces of northwest Nevada.

We are looking to fill a crew of six. Interested individuals should contact Pat Bruce, Stewardship Program Director, at (775) 815-5598.

*     *     *

Calling all Sheldon volunteers

Anyone wishing to volunteer on the Sheldon during the May 31 - Aug 31 period is welcome to join the fence crew on the days of your choice. You will stay with the crew at Little Sheldon.

Sign up with Pat Bruce at (775) 815-5598.

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Springs in the Black Rock Desert need you

Spring Monitor Training, April 16-17, Gerlach, NV.

As you know, water is life. At least 80% of wildlife species depend on springs or riparian areas sometime during their life.

And these spring need you to help them stay healthy, so they can support the wildlife that depends on them.

Join Friends of Nevada Wilderness, the Bureau of Land Management and the Desert Research Institute (DRI) to learn how to measure and monitor the health of springs in the Black Rock Desert region. The project provides wonderful opportunities to work with other committed volunteers (or alone, if you wish) while hiking, exploring and learning about what makes life in the Black Rock region unique.

photo: water: essential for life in the Black Rock (c) Brian Beffort
Water: essential for life in the Black Rock (c) Brian Beffort

We especially need volunteer crew leaders — people who can venture out for monitoring trips several times this year and help mentor other volunteers who want to help.

Hike, explore, use cool gadgets like electro-conductivity meters, meet charismatic snails, and make a difference to wildlife in the Black Rock region.

The April training will take place April 16-17 somewhere near Gerlach (weather and roads allowing), and will involve a campout, good food and fun people.

Call Brian Beffort at (775) 324-7667, or click here to email Brian for more information.

And if you want to get involved, but this weekend doesn't work for you, let Brian know. Maybe we can schedule an additional training session.

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Friends of Nevada Wilderness helps promote wilderness stewardship nationwide

Wilderness across the country – you’ve got a friend. Lots of friends, as a matter of fact! About 120 of them gathered in Las Vegas for the National Wilderness Stewardship Alliance’s (NWSA) first annual national conference. Their goal: to find ways to grow a stronger alliance of boots-on-the-ground wilderness volunteers.

Groups came together from all over the country (Alaska to Georgia, California to North Carolina) along with federal agency wilderness partners to figure out how to care for America’s great wilderness system.

Friends of Nevada Wilderness hosted this year’s conference and introduced folks to wilderness – Nevada style. We even included a trail project in the Rainbow Mountain Wilderness and Dutch-oven dessert.

Comments heard after the conference included, "WOW, this really touched my heart," and "you and your colleagues are rare leaders who do the miraculous on a daily basis, as if your accomplishments were nothing more than routine." Thanks to all of you who make a difference on the ground! For more information visit the NWSA website.

photo: NWSA group photo after Rainbow Mountain project (c) FNW
NWSA group photo after Rainbow Mountain project (c) FNW

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Camp Host Wanted

Want to spend a summer as the Virgin Valley Camp Host (see photo with Sheldon Fence Crew announcement, above) on the Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge? You get a place for your trailer, water and electricity and a $400/month stipend. The refuge is looking for a camp host — to start mid-May.

Give them a call at (541) 947-3315 and dial 223 for Aaron Collins.

For details take a look at the Nevada Camp Host opportunities with the National Wildlife Refuge System

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Welcome aboard Katie LaCroix and Jose Witt

Katie LaCroix and Jose Witt are doing outstanding jobs as Friends of Nevada Wilderness' southern Nevada wilderness volunteer coordinators.

With their help, 2011 has already gotten off to a rocking start in southern Nevada:

With three days of restoration in Lovell Canyon where volunteers hauled out 700 pounds of garbage.

photo: One clean-up team at Lovell Canyon (c) Kurt Kuznicki
One clean-up team at Lovell Canyon (c) Kurt Kuznicki

And bird watchers now have a new “birdsong trail” to hike in the Desert National Wildlife Refuge thanks to more work from our volunteers.

photo: new Birdsong Trail at DNWR (c) Kurt Kuznicki
New Birdsong Trail at Desert Wildlife Refuge (c) Kurt Kuznicki

Friends of Nevada Wilderness is also working with a Student Conservation Crew to ensure all of southern Nevada’s wilderness areas have strong baseline data.

Thank you Katie and Jose for all your great work.

Get out your calendar and pencil in a Wild Nevada Adventure or two for 2011. Below is just a sample of what awaits you in 2011.

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Upcoming volunteer projects and events

Friends of Nevada Wilderness offers up lots of fun opportunities to help your Nevada wildlands heal and prosper. Check out the next several trips and events.


Friday, March 25 — Sunday, March 27   Soldier Meadows volunteer stewardship trip

Stewardship — A variety of projects to choose from including: repair of the Smallwoods cabin, campsite cleanup and maintenance, trespass rehabilitation, and weed eradication. Details


Saturday, April 16 — Sunday, April 17   Black Rock Desert Spring Training

Stewardship — Learn how to gather data on desert springs, to keep them healthy. Details (above)


Friday, May 27 — Monday, May 30   Black Rock Rendezvous - learn, work, eat!

Stewardship — Join Friends and other conservation partners for our annual excursion to the Black Rock. Explore the desert, hear talks by local experts, give back to the land on a stewardship project, then taste the winners of our annual Dutch oven cooking contest. Family-friendly event for Memorial Day weekend.


Summer of Sheldon   Several chances to help the Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge

Stewardship — In the past, we've had fun with the Sheldon Rendezvous. This year, instead of one giant day of restoration, we're giving you multiple opportunities to join us in giving back to the pronghorn, sage grouse and other wildlife on this most-majestic Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge. Same fun, same great food, multiple opportunities!

Pick one or many dates to join us on the Sheldon:
June 3-5 (Friday to Sunday),
June 23-26 (Thursday to Sunday),
July 22-24 (Friday to Sunday),
August 26-28 (Friday to Sunday).


Friday, August 19 — Sunday, August 21   North Black Rock Range Wilderness - fence removal project

Stewardship — We've been working for years to get rid of this old, down, ugly and dangerous fence. This is the final push to get it all out in the wild and scenic North Black Rock Range.


Friday, September 16 to Sunday, September 18   National Public Lands Day - several projects at several places

Stewardship — One of our biggest events of the year. Mark your calendar. We'll have projects across the state.


Contact Friends at (775) 324-7667 or by email for more information or to RSVP for a project.

More projects will be announced as they are scheduled. See later emails and the stewardship events page.

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