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A special place: Bridge Canyon Wilderness

Volunteer Spotlight: Susan Murphy

Wilderness Tuesdays: grub and gab

Volunteer Appreciation Picnic

Reaching out to Congressman Joe Heck

Friends and the business community

Reaching out to southern Nevada

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March 10, 2011

A special place: Bridge Canyon Wilderness

photo: rocky ridge in Bridge Canyon Wilderness (c) Kurt Kuznicki
Rocky ridge in Bridge Canyon Wilderness (c) Kurt Kuznicki

Bridge Canyon Wilderness at 7,700 acres might be a small package, but it really packs a wild punch. As part of the Lake Mead National Recreation Area, Bridge Canyon is located in the rugged Newberry Mountains just north of Laughlin, Nevada. It's unique landscape is strewn with massive granite boulders and dotted with refreshing springs. The light dances across the faces of the rocks while birds, mountain lions, and bighorn sheep thrive because of the many springs.

photo: spring in Bridge Canyon Wilderness (c) Kurt Kuznicki
Soothing spring in Bridge Canyon Wilderness (c) Kurt Kuznicki

A short hike up many of the canyons and washes allows the visitor to enjoy the rich wilderness character that abounds, but as remote as it seems, it is close enough to Las Vegas make it a perfect day trip.

photo: petroglyph panel in Bridge Canyon Wilderness (c) Kurt Kuznicki
Petroglyph panel in Bridge Canyon Wilderness (c) Kurt Kuznicki

A visit to Grapevine Canyon is a journey back in time. The many petroglyphs that stand guard over this spectacular canyon come alive in the early morning light. They are located close enough to the road for almost all folks to enjoy. The more adventurous and experienced hiker can trek up Grapevine Canyon around colossal boulders, by old cottonwood trees and all the way to Christmas Tree Pass.

Bridge Canyon, itself, is very dramatic and challenging enough for even the seasoned desert hiker. It is home to a cross-section of Sonoran, Mojave and Great Basin plant communities, which adds to the magic of this astonishing little wild gem in the southern Nevada desert.

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Volunteer Spotlight: Susan Murphy

Photo: Susan Murphy working for wilderness in Lovell Canyon (c) Kurt Kuznicki
Susan Murphy working for wilderness in Lovell Canyon (c) Kurt Kuznicki

In her own words

I was born in Las Vegas in 1954, and although I've left several times, I keep coming back.

My hobbies are primarily hiking and photography, but I occasionally add running and bicycling into the mix.

My favorite hike is any peak in Red Rock with just a touch of fear and a whole lot of friends.

As I learned way back when, in a science class, the natural order of things is disorder, and it takes energy to keep order in our universe. I love volunteering to be part of that energy!

Recently I volunteered in Lovell Canyon for cleanup and restoration work. Not only did we accomplish making this a better place, but we had fun doing it! There's a feeling I think a lot of us experience in wilderness areas like Lovell Canyon. It gives me the time and space to reflect on nature's beauty, and reminds me how grateful I am to enjoy it.

Susan Murphy

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Wilderness Tuesdays: grub and gab

Join us for our monthly "Wilderness Tuesdays" (the LAST TUESDAY of each month) events at BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse. Come meet and greet fellow volunteers and Friends' staff to share ideas, meet new people and enjoy food and drink. RSVP at "" or you can just show up!

Time: 6:30 PM
Date: March 29, and subsequent "last Tuesdays"
Place: BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse    (Google map)
10840 W. Charleston
Las Vegas, NV 89135

Friends’ Volunteer Appreciation Picnic

Get ready for your Second Annual Southern Nevada Volunteer Appreciation Picnic will happen in April. Details soon.

Reaching out to Congressman Joe Heck on Gold Butte

As many of you know, Friends of Nevada Wilderness has been working with other conservation partners for the last 10 years to get Gold Butte the protection it deserves. Support for Gold Butte has grown: the City of Mesquite, the Clark County Commission and the Paiute tribes have all passed resolutions of support and sent messages to our representatives about the overwhelming need to introduce legislation this year.

Now, we're asking you to voice your support for Gold Butte to that region's new Congressman, Joe Heck. This is a time for him to learn about this magnificent landscape, the natural, historic and archaeological riches it offers, and to hear from people (especially in his district — see map) who support its protection.

Please contact Congressman Joe Heck today and let him know you support protection for Gold Butte as National Conservation Area and wilderness. It's that simple (but if you want to share more about your love of the area, please do).

Your calls, letters and faxes will let him know people in Nevada care about Gold Butte, as he prepares to come home during the Congressional recess, March 21-25.

Mail: Representative Joe Heck
8485 W Sunset Road, Suite 300
Las Vegas, Nevada 89113
Phone: (702) 387-4941
Fax: (702) 837-0728
Email: Joe Heck's email contact page

Click here to learn more about this amazing landscape.

Thank you for speaking out for Gold Butte!!

Friends and the business community

Friends of Nevada Wilderness thrives by building partnerships in the community. Local businesses provide volunteers, a platform to discuss wilderness and financial contributions to ensure that the vision of keeping Nevada wild is fulfilled.

If you own or work for a business that is a partner in the community and would like to work with Friends of Nevada Wilderness, please contact Jose at (702) 203-1720.

Reaching out to southern Nevada

In an effort to increase membership and volunteerism here in Southern Nevada, we will be doing wilderness presentations in the community. If you know of any clubs or groups that are looking for presenters, please contact Katie at (702) 622-0946 or email Katie.

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