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Your invitation to attend the reception and multimedia presentation — image © Sharon K. Schafer.

The art of southern Nevada's wildlands

Gala reception and multimedia presentation

Please join with Friends of Nevada Wilderness for an evening of revelry and spectacular, wildland art of southern Nevada.

This fun event at the Nevada State Museum kicks off with a gala reception and concludes with evocative art, photos, words and music that capture the essence of our southland's wild heritage.

Acclaimed graphic artist and Friends' board member, Sharon K. Schafer, brings the southland to life with her multimedia celebration of the magnificent wildlands of southern Nevada.

Gala reception: 5:00 to 7:00 PM
Multimedia presentation: 7:00 to 8:30 PM
Nevada State Museum      Google Map
600 N Carson Street
Carson City, Nevada

This event is free and open to the public.
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Other Events — You are Invited


Saturday, March 28th – Just for Kids (and kids at heart)

1:00PM at the “Fort” 2375 Dickerson Road, Reno (west on 2nd Street from Keystone) for a kids version of Sharon Shafer’s The Art of Nature: Images from the Wildlands of Nevada. There will be art supplies on hand after the presentation for kids to draw their own wilderness art.
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Wilderness Stewardship Trips

March 13 - 15: East Fork of the Walker River

Friends of Nevada Wilderness and volunteers in partnership with the Forest Service will construct a dedicated path along a section of the Walker River near the Rosaschi Ranch.


March 27 - 29: Solider Meadows/Fly Canyon

Friends of Nevada Wilderness' volunteers are partnering with the BLM to complete a vehicle route restoration project in this beautiful part of northwestern Nevada.


May 1 - 3: High Rock Canyon

Friends of Nevada Wilderness' volunteers in partnership with the BLM will restore a vehicle route to natural condition in the Black Rock Desert area.

Many more trips throughout the year are listed at Friends' website. If you want to help keep these great opportunities coming please click the button to donate:

Visit our website's TAKE ACTION pages for other ways to get involved with Friends of Nevada Wilderness.

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