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Three Great Stories in this issue:

»  Friends wins Bob Marshall Award

»  Take Part in Friends' Sustaining-Member Drive

»  Wilderness Inholdings Acquired!

»  (and Two Great Stewardship Trips)


Volunteers restoring wilderness character on the Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge, June 2008

Congratulations Volunteers!!

Friends of Nevada Wilderness just received the Forest Service’s highest wilderness stewardship award for an organization, the 2008 Bob Marshall Award for Group Champion of Wilderness Stewardship. This huge achievement was ONLY possible because of the thousands of hours that YOU, our dedicated volunteers, gave to Nevada’s wild places.

Only one organization each year receives this award which recognizes exemplary leadership and outstanding accomplishments in wilderness stewardship as well as actively perpetuating high-quality wilderness for present and future generations and going the extra mile to preserve the wilderness resource. You have all gone the extra mile – thank you!

We would also like to thank our partner, the National Forest Foundation, whose financial support helped build this successful program.

Angie Dykema the Friends of Nevada Wilderness staff person who worked closely with the Humboldt Toiyabe National Forest to create our Forest Stewardship Program says “I am honored to have had the opportunity to work with such dedicated and passionate people, and it's rewarding to see the results of all their hard work recognized at a national level.  Friends of Nevada Wilderness deserves recognition for setting a positive example of what it means to provide stewardship for our nations' public wildlands.  The staff, members and volunteers of Friends have not only worked tirelessly on numerous restoration projects across Nevada's wilderness, they have also increased awareness in other citizens of what wilderness means, and why they should care”.

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Keep Nevada Wild by giving monthly to Friends of Nevada Wilderness

— a message from Board Member Kurt Kuznicki

As a guy with a car payment, a mortgage and a kid in college, I was never able to make large donations to my favorite group—Friends of Nevada Wilderness. By donating monthly via my credit card, I figured out how to support Nevada’s wild places without breaking my bank.

Giving is easy and secure with Friends’ automated giving program.

Monthly giving allows me to support Nevada’s wilderness in a totally painless way, and it is money that Friends can count on every month to keep their wilderness programs active all year long. And it is so easy to do.

Monthly giving is simple: just chose a dollar amount that you would like to donate each month and that amount will automatically be charged to your credit card. And there are lots of benefits:

  • You are in control and can stop any time you choose.

  • It saves stamps, paper, and trees, because it’s electronic.

  • Friends makes your record-keeping and tax preparation easy by sending you an end-of-year statement that itemizes all gifts and the total giving for the year.

  • You can even rack up points on your credit card.

Please join me and become a sustaining member with Friends of Nevada Wilderness. You already know that Friends, with members and volunteers like you, gets things done here in Nevada. You and I have protected over three million acres of Wilderness in Nevada. Your support makes this great work possible!

If you sign up as a sustaining member before October 15, you will be entered into a drawing for some great swag and outdoor gear. And you will get a FREE Friends' 2009 Wild Nevada calendar.

How much would you give to keep Nevada wild?

  • One tank of gas ($40) a month ($480 per year)?

  • A venti mocha frappo-latte ($5) a week ($240 per year)?

  • One lunch out ($10) per month ($120 per year)?

As you can see, each month’s donation is painless, but over time it this adds up to serious support for wild places. Please join me in supporting Friends of Nevada Wilderness in a way that is easy, convenient and powerful. Thanks! Kurt

Click here to become a sustaining member
— check the Recurring Monthly Donation box

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Wilderness Inholdings Acquired! Letter writing and hard work pays off!

Several wilderness study areas in Washoe County just got larger and healthier with the purchase of about 17,500 acres of private land inholdings by the federal government.

The purchase was made possible by the Southern Nevada Public Lands Management Act, which allows for proceeds from BLM lands sales in the Las Vegas Valley to be used to acquire environmentally sensitive land elsewhere in the state.

Because many of these formerly private parcels contain springs, this purchase helps protect important wildlife habitat, cultural and historic resources, and beautiful landscapes. Private land acquired by the BLM is located in the Buffalo Hills, Twin Peaks, Wall Canyon and Poodle Mountain wilderness study areas as well as in our Granite Range proposed wilderness.

Our thanks to all our members who wrote letters of support over the years for this acquisition and to the Nevada Land Conservancy, BLM, Jaksick family and others who made this possible.

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Upcoming Stewardship Trips


As the main field season winds down, there are still a few great trips left where you can get out, meet new friends, and help keep Nevada Forever Wild....There are many ways to get involved with Friends of Nevada Wilderness. Going out on one of our Stewardship trips is just one way you can help Friends of Nevada Wilderness heal Nevada's special wild places. Here are the next three upcoming trips...Be sure to check our website or give us a call to find out more.

National Public Lands Day (trip 1) — Restoration Trip

Start Date: 9/19/2008
End Date: 9/21/2008
Location: Black Rock Desert area.
Join Friends of Nevada Wilderness, The Nevada Outdoor School, Friends of Black Rock High Rock, and the BLM for multiple projects in the Black Rock Desert area. This annual gathering is a major volunteer event with many participants. Come have a great time with like-minded folk working to improve our country's wild public lands.
Call Pat for trip details (775) 762-6730

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National Public Lands Day (trip 2) — Restoration Trip

Start Date: 9/26/2008
End Date: 9/28/2008
Location: Mount Rose Wilderness in western Nevada.
Join Friends of Nevada Wilderness and the Carson Ranger District on a one day project during the annual celebration of public-land stewardship. We will be re-do a previously-restored route that has seen additional trespass. Project will take place near Hunter Lake in the Mt. Rose Wilderness Area. It will be quick drive up Garson road to take care of an area that needs help because of its proximity to Reno and the number of users the area sees.
Call Wes for trip details (775) 762-6730

Visit our website's TAKE ACTION pages to find out other ways for you to get involved with Friends of Nevada Wilderness.

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