Support Land Restoration This Giving Tuesday!

November 28 is Giving Tuesday, a day to celebrate the power of community and service for causes you love. And we heard you love the outdoors. 🌲⛰️🌲

You know Friends: we’re outside Getting Things Done, including work that restores landscapes and protects wildlife. This means planting seedlings in fire-ravaged landscapes, downing mining marker posts harmful to wildlife, and more. The effects of a changing climate means we’re being called on by federal land managers to help not just maintain trails from normal impacts but to help restore the landscapes and ecology these trails are a part of, the victims of ever increasing wildfires or extreme weather events. Friends is effective in getting things done for Wilderness and invite you to support future projects, some of which are tough to secure federal funding for.

Your gift will power these projects - protecting wildlife, preserving amazing landscapes, and restoring the places you love. This year, the first $12,000 in gifts will be matched by a generous Friends Member and our Board. That means your donation will be instantly doubled!

Every dollar you give is akin to removing a downed tree from a trail. Every gift is no different than personally being at a seed collection site. As a Wilderness Champion, you are a part of the team. Your gift is more than a donation; it's an investment in a future where both Nevada’s people and wildlife thrive. THANK YOU!!

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