Friends Names NV Energy Foundation as 2022 Corporate Sponsor of the Year

February 1, 2023 - NV Energy Foundation has received the coveted “Corporate Sponsor of the Year” award from Friends of Nevada Wilderness in recognition of the company’s generous financial support of the non-profit’s stewardship and outreach programs.

For nearly a decade, the NV Energy Foundation has provided grant support for Friends’ nationally-recognized  stewardship program that engages hundreds of volunteers each year in on-the-ground projects to protect and restore Wilderness lands in Nevada.

The foundation has also funded Friends’ outreach program, including sponsorship of the 2022 Wild and Scenic Film Fest in Las Vegas, the organization’s largest annual community event, and the 2022 Wilderness Wingding in Reno that recognizes the individual volunteers and businesses that fuel the organization’s operations.

Grants from the NV Energy Foundation to Friends of Nevada Wilderness now total more than $130,000.

“We have been able to accomplish so much over the years thanks to the generosity of NV Energy and its foundation,” Shaaron Netherton said of the award. “We so appreciate that the company recognizes the value of our work and that’s why we want to recognize them in return.”

“Volunteerism and sustainability sit at the heart of NV Energy’s community engagement priorities.  Providing financial support to Friends of Nevada Wilderness gives the NV Energy Foundation the perfect opportunity to promote volunteer service and to protect and restore Nevada’s wilderness lands,” said Tony Sanchez, NV Energy executive vice president, business development and external relations and NV Energy Foundation board member.  “This aligns with NV Energy’s commitment to sustainability and clean energy.”

NV Energy has provided grant funds for stewardship projects across the entire the state, including:

  • Removing hazardous old mining claim posts in the Gabbs Valley Wilderness Study Area and surrounding area that can lethally trap birds and other wildlife;
  • partnering with Nevada Division of Wildlife in the Mormon Mountains Wilderness to plant native seedings on land scarred by wildfire;
  • maintaining the popular Turtlehead Peak Trail in Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area by installing trail markers to help hikers follow the route.

In addition to funding specific projects, foundation grants have covered the costs of safety equipment, other gear, and transportation costs.

“Grants that also allow us to be flexible in how and when we use the funds are particularly valuable,” Netherton added. “We are so grateful that the NV Energy Foundation recognizes that need.”

Find more information here on the Friends of Nevada Stewardship Program and projects in the works for 2023.

Staff and volunteers installing trail markers on Turtlehead Peak Trail in
 Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, a project funded with a grant from
the NV Energy Foundation

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