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Spring is upon us! The change of the seasons always brings much to the glorious silver state, from Miracle March snow storms to blossoming wildflowers that scatter our wild lands with bursts of color and new life. Spring displays just how diverse and grand Nevada's Wilderness areas truly are. As we head into the seasons that inspire outdoor recreation, Friends is working hard on an important project that will help you get out and experience these precious public lands (read more about our website redesign below to find out how you can get involved). 

And in our fight to defend these areas, we are feeling so energized by the 32,000 comments submitted to the Air Force in opposition to their takeover of the Desert National Wildlife Refuge. We've certainly started this campaign off on a great foot and we could not have done it without you, so thank you to everyone who took time to submit comments!

Nevada's Big Give is March 22!


Nevada's Big Give is Thursday, March 22nd, and we couldn't be more excited about the project we are launching with this fundraising initiative. With your help, Friends of Nevada Wilderness will be rebuilding the "Explore" section of our website so that we can be your online, one-stop destination for everything you need to know to visit Nevada's magnificent Wilderness areas.


Our updated wild areas web pages will include google maps; resources to plan you trip; details about the area’s plants, animals, natural and cultural history; a gallery of photos; and more! Additionally, we will be adding a Wilderness finder home page that features an interactive map of Nevada with all of Nevada's wild areas outlined. You can learn more details about our website redesign by clicking here.


Also! We will have an interactive demo web page available for you to try out on Thursday. We encourage you to check it out. If it's something that you find useful, please consider donating to our Big Give fundraiser by clicking here


Update on DNWR Accomplishments!

We have been working feverishly to ensure that the word is out about what is happening just north of Las Vegas in the Desert National Wildlife Refuge. The Air Force is seeking to withdraw an additional 300,000 acres of the Desert Refuge to add to their monstrous 2.9 million acre Nevada Testing & Training Range! As this news spread throughout Nevada and the conservation community as a whole, support for our Save the Desert grew tremendously. In total, 32,000 of us sent comments to the Air Force in favor of keeping the Desert National Wildlife Refuge as it stands today! This amazing accomplishment is thanks to people like you. The comment period is over, but our work to protect the refuge still has a long way to go. We will continue working with our Nevada Congressional delegation, the media, local elected officials and others to show strong support for permanent protection of the Desert Refuge. "Don't Bomb the Bighorn!"


BLM Wildlands at Risk!

There may be soon a terrible bill introduced by Senator Heller to get rid of Nevada's Wilderness Areas. For nearly 40 years, BLM’s crown jewels - beautiful wild places called Wilderness Study Areas scattered throughout of our state - have become so familiar we take them for granted. We assume these wild places will always be there for us to enjoy, explore, and to provide our need for solitude and primitive recreation. With one stroke of Congressional action and the President’s pen, some of the best wildlife habitat in the state could be turned into a landscape of oil and gas drilling, open pit mines, forests of buzzing high voltage lines, and a network of roads fragmenting both wildlife habitat and our souls. We may never truly realize how important these areas are until they are gone. If protection for Wilderness Study Areas are lost, what will the future say about our stewardship of the land and creatures entrusted to us? Will those in the future say we didn't build enough roads? Will they lament that we didn't drill deep enough get the last drop of oil and gas? Didn't we frack enough, or dig enough open pit mines deep into the Earth? Perhaps those in the future may shed a tear and hold us in contempt that we only cared about our material comfort and we couldn't muster enough vision to save these wild places for future generations.

The establishment of a Wilderness Study Area served to identify areas for Congress to consider for addition to the National Wilderness Preservation System. These Wilderness Study Areas are roadless areas that were formally inventoried for Wilderness by the BLM but not yet designated by Congress as Wilderness. Until Congress makes a decision to add a WSA, or ends consideration, they are managed by the BLM so they might someday be considered for Wilderness. 

Updates From the Field: Gass Peak Trail Restoration

A few weeks ago our Southern Nevada Stewardship crew teamed up with the Sierra Club for a restoration project in the Desert National Wildlife Refuge. The overnight event, jointly organized with the Sierra Club, was a kickoff of the restoration of the Gass Peak trail. Gass Peak is part of a vast complex of proposed Wilderness areas and it is immediately adjacent to the Las Vegas Range and Broader Sheep Range Proposed Wilderness areas (collectively known as the Sheep Range Wilderness Complex). At the summit of Gass Peak (6,943 ft.), hikers are welcomed with a 360° view of the Las Vegas valley including the city, the Desert Refuge and the Spring Mountains!

Many volunteers traveled from all across the southwest to join us on this project where we turned an old dirt road into a single track hiking trail. Over the upcoming months we will continue to improve and define the trail. We would love you to join in on this trail project as we give back to the Desert National Wildlife Refuge. Click here to find out more details!

Save the Date: Southern Nevada Restoration Project & Educational Hike

BRCA_1212_JWITT.JPGJoin the Friends of Nevada Wilderness on Saturday, April 14th, for a lovely restoration project and educational hike. We will decommission an old road that is next to Spirit Mountain Wilderness which will make the area more natural and allow for natural restoration. This project will help protect the Spirit Mountain Wilderness.  

After finishing the project, we'll enjoy a short quarter-mile hike along Grapevine Trail, stopping at a petroglyph panel to hear local experts speak about the area. Click here for a tentative itinerary. We hope you consider joining us for a fun day cleaning up and learning about this rugged landscape.


Upcoming Events

We hope to see you at one of our next events! You can find our full Calendar of Events here, and you can RSVP for individual events in the links found in the list below. If we don't have anything scheduled during your times of availability, respond to this e-mail or call our office in Northern Nevada at (775) 324-7667 or in Southern Nevada at  (702) 515-5417 to be placed on a shortlist for future volunteer opportunities. 


We are in the quiet of the winter season in Northern Nevada, but you can always call our office to find a way to get involved.


April 5: Wild Speaker Series: Two New Atlases for Nevada - Join us as we welcome Dr. David Charlet as he covers his research on endemic tree species in Nevada. Did you know there are 83 species of trees native to Nevada? Dr. Charlet will give us background on some of these species and cover some of the rarer species that can be found in our state. 

April 14: Southern Nevada Restoration Project & Educational Hike- Join Friends of Nevada Wilderness for a restoration project and educational hike. Our project will be focused on the restoration of a decommissioned road located next to Spirit Mountain Wilderness. We'll then enjoy a short quarter-mile hike along Grapevine Trail, stopping at a petroglyph panel to hear local experts speak about the area.


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