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Educational Resources

Education and Outreach are really special to us here at Friends of Nevada Wilderness and we’d love to share our information about Nevada’s wild places and how to use them with everyone! In this section you will find information for teachers, kids, as well as schedule an outreach program.

We are excited to partner with our federal agencies, Nevada state and local governments, school districts and non-profit groups to bring you exciting Wilderness Education opportunities, resources and state and nationally aligned curricula.

Make sure you check back often over the coming year as we will be adding lots of new and exciting things to this area. Teachers and Parents we would love to hear from you. If you have a minute please send us an email with your Wilderness Education needs/wants/comments to [email protected]


7 Principals Of Leave No Trace

The Leave No Trace Foundation has put together an amazing list of 7 principles of the Leave No Trace ethics.

• Plan Ahead and Prepare
• Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces
• Dispose of Waste Properly
• Leave What You Find
• Minimize Campfire Impacts
• Respect Wildlife
• Be Considerate of Other Visitors

Click here for more detail of these 7 principals.

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