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Whatever your Jill2016 and Green Party event may be, please post it below. Some ideas:

Phonebanking parties  •  Canvassing  •  Collecting signatures for ballot access  •  Watch parties for Jill’s big media events  •  House parties  •  Fundraisers  •  “Honk & Wave” with Jill signs  •  Flyering at the farmers’ market  •  Jill2016 get-together at a café or bar  •  Op-ed writing party  •  Local Green Party meeting  •  Young Greens college chapter event  •  And more!

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World is Follow Down

World is Follow Down

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U.S. Labor Secretary Perez Sees Steady Job and Wage Growth

The U.S. economy delivered modest job growth, adding 156,000 jobs in September while the unemployment rate ticked up to 5%.Labor Secretary Thomas Perez said he wouldn’t call the jobs numbers a miss, and sees steady growth ahead.We see steady growth in the quality of jobs.Three quarters of these jobs were in three sectors that are really well-paying sectors, health care, construction and business and professional services which did the best,” Perez said.

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