Keep Public Lands in Public Hands


America’s 640 million acres of federal public lands are the backbone of our rich outdoor heritage. However, some would like to sell off YOUR public lands to the highest bidder and close off access forever. Please join us in the continued fight to keep public lands in public hands!


Current Anti-Public Lands Legislation

Congress: HR 1484 - Transfer Public Lands to State Control

State Legislature: SJR 1 - Transfer Public Lands to State Control

Congress: HR 1445 - Prevent Increase of Federal Land Acres

State Legislature: AB 283 - Inhibit Ability of Federal Agencies from Enforcing Laws


Congress: HR 1484 - OPPOSE


Congressman Amodei introduced HR 1484 which includes SJR 1 language. The bill will direct the Secretary of Agriculture and the Secretary of the Interior to convey certain Federal lands to the State of Nevada in fulfillment of the Nevada Statehood Enabling Act, and for other purposes. Read the text by clicking here.



Congress: HR 1445- OPPOSE

This week, Representative Cresent Hardy introduced his first bill - HR 1445 - which would prevent any increase of acres in Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Forest Service, National Park Service, or Fish and Wildlife Service lands unless the Federal budget is balanced for the year in which the land would be purchased. Read the full text of the bill by clicking here.

  • Undermine SNPLMA, Southern Nevada's current system of selling public lands to earmark mitigation funds for purchasing lands to set aside for conservation purposes.
  • Block acquisitions of private land to public land that would allow greater access to wilderness or other recreational areas.
  • Continue to cut off access to our favorite hiking and camping spots. As many of you know, Anniversary Narrows was recently cut off from public access due to an adjacent private landowner blocking access to hikers. Since H.R. 1021 will prevent purchases of private land, keeping access open will become more difficult and our favorite recreational go-to areas will be closed off forever.

Currently, the federal government loses nearly $100 million dollars per year on average managing public land in Nevada. This is a cost that our state government is in no position to bear. A likely result would be massive sales of our lands into private hands, cutting off access and allowing some of our best places to be developed.

Additional Resources

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